Finest Selection of Ingredients and A Real Pleasure of Beverage

SOMA keep offering delicious and safety beverage to the valued customers by setting and complying with quality standards and supervision of the beverage-making process. We strictly select the best tea and superior raw ingredients from all over the world.All of the ingredients are in line with EU and Taiwan laws and regulations.
SOMA has earned the reputation of “No.1 Milk Tea in Taiwan”during the milk tea festival. SOMA Original Milk tea is famously requiring 3 black teas from Taiwan, Sri Lanka, and India to create the perfect tea base specially designed for milk tea. This mixture allows SOMA to formulate a a wholesome drink to ensure the smooth texture and tangy aroma to satisfy our customers to start a day off well.
SOMA has our own in-house R&D team. Our team is closely work with suppliers, manufactures and other professions to experience the latest ingredient and equipment innovation to optimize our beverage favor and making process. Adequate reading and meticulous attention to detail such as customizing the weight of ice cube, structuring of the carbohydrate crystal, adapting the pressure of sparkling drinks will lead to the best possible of a cup of take-away drinks. SOMA also collaborates with small-scale farmers that are close to the place of store to savor top-quality tea & mocktail drinks. SOMA customers can experience the best sense of taste with genuine ingredients without having to go around the world in pursuit of diverse tea flavors.

Purest Tea Flavors Offered by Artisans

For the sake of inheriting the Cordon Bleu tea beverage formulae, we adhere to the original intention to provide a delicious daily drink. Our staff is required to has tea barista skills and professional knowledge in tea sampling, producing, drinking, and brewing and tea making process. Each SOMA employee is able to perform the alternation of different water temperature and allow the precise ratio of tea leaves and water volume to ensure the quality of our tea base. The brewed tea is full of aroma and integrates classic, elegant, and multi-layered elements, which perfectly offers SOMA’s unique flavor where the everlasting lingering taste produces a calm attitude and the persistence of pursuing perfection.

Professional hand-shaken tea · possessing the purest and most exquisite Cordon Bleu beverages

By upholding the spirit of French Cordon Blue cuisine, SOMA hand-shaken drinks show exquisite craftsmanship. Each cup of a SOMA drink is provided by our professional artisans to present you with the purest and most delicate French style beverages.
Professional tea baristas must adhere to the regulated method to professionally perform tea filtering and shaking which tea base in collision with ice cubes and raw ingredients to deliver the pleasurable tea experience with aroma and mellow texture.
Before presenting a drink to customers, the SOMA staff personally tastes each drink to ensure it is the perfect drink. We follow the delicate production process just to provide customers with a smooth, aromatic and balanced flavors of drinks.


SOMA’s aim is to make sure that each beverage is delicious. For the sake of quality, the procurement, packaging, logistics, and storage of the raw ingredients are all handled by specialists. Once the raw ingredients entering the warehouse, all ingredients are stored according to their categories under a room temperature of 20℃ and a relative humidity of 55% that is maintained 24/7 to keep the quality and freshness. In addition, we constantly improve our on-the-job training to enhance our employee’s tea knowledge and barista skill to ensure SOMA employee’s eligibility for entering the hand-shaken beverage world with an craftsman spirit and sincere attitude.