Global Franchise

SOMA strives to become part of the international market and fulfills its responsibility for being a quality tea beverage provider.
SOMA hand-shaken drinks originated in Taiwan and once sold 1000 cups of the original milk tea in one day
The original milk tea is also is rated the “No.1 Milk Tea” by Netizens, leading the latest beverage trends
and provides the most advanced tea beverage industry experience for franchise partners.

Professional Store Opening Process

SOMA will provide the franchise partners with an evaluation of the crowd and rent evaluation in the commercial district, the standard store opening design, equipment planning, and professional tea beverage support and assistance for the store personnel, which helps franchisees establish their own beverage business.

Comprehensive Education Training

SOMA implements regular and irregular business education training for the personnel of different levels, provides a smooth and professional promotion system for store managers and supervisors, and provides comprehensive business operation and management courses according to actual operating conditions in order to optimize service procedures and allow consumers to experience SOMA’s efforts in quality beverage production.

Major Integrated Marketing

SOMA irregularly collaborates with international brands, creates a professional image for the brand, drafts marketing strategies for various aspects of the brand, and co-creates localized consumer convergence plans with franchisees. SOMA values the rights and interests of its working partners, exerts efforts into creating a win-win sales system for both SOMA and the franchisees, maintains a stable amount of new customers, and increases the satisfaction of existing customers.