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The unaltered perseverance of the splendid beverage world

Deriving from the exquisite cookery craftsmanship and the spirit of inheritance, SOMA adheres to the essence of French cuisine to produce hand-shaken drinks with a workmanship attitude. In the splendid beverage world, we insist on producing appetizing beverages with hand-shaking morale. We pride ourselves on being a unique boutique brand in the hand-shaken beverage market. SOMA is a brand that develops distinctive beverage formulae with an innovative and vibrant approach while adhering to our consumers’ favorite tastes.


Jeremy Lo

The first exquisite hand-shaken beverage in Taiwan with $50 original milk tea

SOMA is the founder of the first exquisite hand-shaken beverage brand in Taiwan. In the past, Taiwan were always congested with different hand-shaken beverage stores, from the foam black tea stores, Leisure Shops, and Quickly in the earliest period, to 50 Lan and COCO that entered the daily-consumable beverage market during the middle and later periods. In 2013, to elevate the quality of Taiwanese hand-shaken beverages, SOMA transcended from the receipts provided by traditional tea merchants and created the unique beverage formula. SOMA used three specially selected black tea to make a tea base designed for SOMA Original Milk Tea, a revolutionary $50 original milk tea in fierce Taiwan tea shop competition, as comparison for other milk tea brand on average was $25. Moreover, all items on menu are considered exquisite and appetizing by media, making SOMA a representative of exquisite beverages in Taiwan.
2018年【ifoodie】Landmine-free Beverage Store, Must Drink in 2018
2017年【Taipei Walker】 Hipster Series: Drink SOMA and Eliminate the Daily Stuffiness!
2016年【Storm Media】No.1 Hand-shaken Drink Addiction for Netizens
2015年【DailyView】No.1 Hand-shaken Drink for Netizens
2014年【IPeen愛評網】The One and Only LV of the Hand-shaken Drink Market

Modern flavor with hand-shaken craftsmanship

We insist on offering customers beverages that are delicious and enjoyable. Adhering to the original intention, SOMA strictly selects global ingredients and utilizes high tech SOP manufacturing processes and meticulous cookery skills to design beverage formulae that are rich in their texture and comprehensive in their flavors. Each specially blended take-away drink is the most delicate beverage originally designed by SOMA so that consumers are able to savor the modern flavors that are based on the taste of tea.