Milk Tea Series

Surprisingly smooth and velvety milk tea formulated with 3 exclusively selected black teas and a skim milk powder base.

Milk tea is a common beverage around the world, where each country has its own unique flavored milk tea. SOMA adheres to the cookery spirit of French Cordon Bleu and integrates technological equipment to create a distinctive milk tea. We develop our own cooking and cooling processes that produces a rich milk aroma and a premium tea fragrance. SOMA original milk tea is is praised as the “best milk tea” in Taiwan Milk Tea Festival and was once sold more than 1000 cups of this milk tea in a day.

  • SOMA精粹茶歐雷


  • Nespresso義式鴛鴦

  • 觀日高山菁茶歐雷

  • 天然黑芝麻茶歐雷

  • 杏仁茶歐雷

  • 非洲可可茶歐雷

  • 京都抹茶精粹歐雷


  • 原味茶歐雷