High Mountain Tea Series

Taiwan high mountain tea paired with various flowers and fruit juices to create an aromatic and refreshing floral and fruity flavors.

Taiwan has the best tea leaves in the world. SOMA utilizes the most superior raw ingredients of Taiwan high mountain tea with 100% concentrated fruit juice accompaniment to advance from the restrictions of traditional take-away drinks receipts by using ordinary tea leaves. Each cup of SOMA high mountain fruity tea is refreshing and aromatic on the nose and sends a balanced sensation that straights sown your throat.

  • 土鳳梨高山菁茶

  • 純 桑椹高山菁茶

  • 純 葡萄柚高山菁茶

  • 芒果高山菁茶

  • 柳橙高山菁茶

  • 百香果高山菁茶

  • 洛神花高山菁茶

  • 觀日高山菁茶