Mocktail Series

Creating unique and specially blended beverages using the concepts in designing cocktails and paired with selected ingredients and sparkling water.

SOMA is committed to a constant quest for quality, to provide our consumers with ingredients, beverages, services and performance of the best quality. With respect it’s signature Cordon Bleu culinary background, SOMA released its exceptionally blended sparkling series with original SOMA recipes, in honor of our initial goals and brand vision.

  • The Drunk Master

    {Double Barrel Bourbon + Nantou Pineapple + Sparkling Water}

  • Candy House

    {Pure mulberry + smoked plum + sparkling water}

  • Kid at Heart

    {Grapefruit + Duoduo + Sparkling Water}

  • Roselle Sunset

    {Roselle + Pure Grapefrui+ Sparkling Water}

  • Tipsy Breeze

    {Lavender + Lemon++ Sparkling Water}

  • Sparkling Sunshine

    {Lemon + Rosemary+ Sparkling Water}

  • Summer Mojito

    {Handmade Ginger Syrup + Mint Leaf + Lime + Sparkling Water}